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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological evelopment and demonstration under grant agreement no. 289481.
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WP5 Sensors fabrication and characterization

In WP5 the sensors will be fabricated using multilayer ceramic laminated LTCC technology that uses single tapes to apply conductive, dielectric and/or resistive pastes. The sensor fabrication process is divided into two parts. First, realization of the successive steps for sensors fabrication, as cutting outline and drilling holes in tapes with a laser, fine line printing of conductive pastes, laser etching, via filling by stencil and screen printing, followed by lamination, firing, verification and dicing. Second, testing and characterization of fabricated structures will be conducted, using available equipment such as Vector Network Analyzer and an RF/Microwaves Wafer Probe Station, Impedance Analyzer, SEM equipped with EDS, X-Ray Computer tomography, etc.

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