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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological evelopment and demonstration under grant agreement no. 289481.
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WP4 Development of new materials

WP4 is devoted to synthesis of new materials for the sensitive layer for covering interdigitated capacitor and for detection of various air, water or soil contaminates, including active polymer composites, hybrid polymer-ceramic, metals/ceramic structures, nano structured materials and nano-wires. Within this work package pastes and green tapes will be prepared, novel capacitive elements in LTCC process will be implemented with new geometries and nano-structured materials. In addition to this, characterization of developed materials will be conducted using SEM, TEM, AFM spectroscopy, X-Ray Computed tomography XRayCT, broadband dielectric spectroscopy BDS, and thermo-stimulated currents TSC.

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