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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological evelopment and demonstration under grant agreement no. 289481.
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WP3 Sensors design, modeling and simulation

WP3 is related to development of LTCC materials or composites for the coating of the sensors to make its LC resonant frequency correspond to the environmental parameters of interest and be correlated to the complex permittivity of the sensor surrounding. Novel 2D and 3D structures of LC sensors in one layer and in more metal layers intended for the fabrication in the LTCC technology will be designed. With these structures, we intend to make a cost-effective universal sensor platform for monitoring all important environmental parameters and only sensitive coating layer will be changeable depending on monitored parameters.
In order to predict sensors performances an electrical model will be developed, describing in realistic way behavior of the sensors and how the resonant frequency is changed during their exposure to the real conditions.
Based on this model, user friendly software tool will be developed for fast and accurate prediction of sensor performances where change of some geometrical and technological parameters of the sensor will be possible in order to obtain desirable characteristics. These results will be used for the optimization and redesign of the sensor structures.

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