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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological evelopment and demonstration under grant agreement no. 289481.
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Proceedings from Final network conference (PDF 28,7MB)


This multi-site network has been formed in order to provide excellent training opportunities to young researchers in the field of wireless sensors and transceivers for application in environmental parameters monitoring.

This initial training network, with the acronym SENSEIVER (Low-cost and energy-efficient LTCC sensor/IR-UWB transceiver solutions for sustainable healthy environment), is composed of five academic/research participants, two industrial partners (SMEs) and three associated partners. The main goal of the network is to improve career perspectives of early-stage and experienced researchers from involved organizations, to structure initial research training at the EU level and to spread knowledge and skills in the field of new sensors, materials, transceivers and data acquisition systems.

As its objectives, the SENSEIVER ITN will reinforce the relevant technical bases by providing remarkable training opportunities to young researchers in the following fields:

  1. development of innovative and cost-effective sensors and their fabrication in LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) technology,
  2. synthesis of new sensitive materials as coating layers for unique LTCC microsensors platforms,
  3. development of highly energy-efficient UWB (ultra wideband) transmitters technologically compatible with designed LTCC sensors, and
  4. design of intelligent systems for acquisition, processing and displaying data relevant to soil, air and water quality.

LTCC Technology

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